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Philippe Tremblay
Philippe Tremblay thumbnail
Philippe Tremblay I don't always listen to hip-hop, but when I do, I listen to Red Martina (and maybe a few others). Favorite track: Head and Neck Exam.
KevinACarter thumbnail
KevinACarter I really enjoy the whole album. Right now, Outside really makes me dance and its video is pretty cool. The horn blast reminds me of, or is sampled from, "Slow Blues," Wu-Tang Chan. Favorite track: Outside.
oldbhoy99 thumbnail
oldbhoy99 Bought this just for Stoupe's production skills, and everything about it exceeded my expectations. A gem from start to finish. Favorite track: The Crumbs of the Crumbs.
Constantly Searching For...
Constantly Searching For... thumbnail
Constantly Searching For... This album is a great example of just how diverse sampling to create hip hop can get. Really amazing on all fronts; from sick raps to beautiful vocals.
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Intransit is Red Martina's Debut.


released November 5, 2013

Produced by Badtape Music


all rights reserved



Red Martina Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Red Martina is Noesis, Hayley Cass, Stoupe, Ish Quintero. Hip Hop / Downtempo / More

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Track Name: Hands of Time
If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t go

People walk the streets
Walk em through the night
I wont go there
Walking through the night

If I could dance in your ecstasy
If I could live in your revelry
If you could run through the waters with me
I wouldn’t go
Track Name: Head and Neck Exam
Gregarious hilarious force
the more the merriest
the fire flow Aquarius
torching ordinary kids
ordered variance
pop goes the weariness
rock flowsuntil i am
the not known, not found, misunderstood
it exists, its around, and ill tell you whats good
just your
average scavenger
crooked light aperture
mind cooks rhyme books looking like captcha

-Midnight. Burn oil by the grrgoyles
prim type turmoil till the herb boiled
Down with the alchemy:
Turn soil, seeds
into royalties
Foil fleets on embroiled seas
Roll game - chiffonade
code name - Ichabod
knowledge that I drop'll make your folks change synagogues
Unorthodox speech:
source Babbage
of course got more beats than your borscht or horseradish

Over land
over water
over mountains and hills
bring the bounty of our sounds to the towns and the villes
when we count in there's no doubt that peoples down for the real
cause they lounging or they bouncing off the ground to the feel

Through the lakes
through the plains
through the valleys and peaks
We bring the wisdom of our council to the houses and streets
and when we count in there's no doubt that peoples down for the keep
cause they never ever routing when we pounding the beats

Sitting on the stoop with a dutch and a brew
and percussion on the ear drum loving the groove
whether drunken deluge
or substantive ruse
for the hustle
there is never ever nothing to do

When the trumpeter trumpets you best be busting a move
abruptly adieu
begrudgingly your company approves
gon' munch up a little bit
on hum drummer simple kids
burnt raps outside
undone in middle spit

Scribble up a masterful piece
and pay for my groceries, rent, n stacks of LPs
for the water bill i flow and give it back the grid
pay no taxes on my assets - cause its raps and thats it

can't sell you a shtick,
can't sell you a vote
but I can tell you some tales
and blend em swell with the notes
If that's not enough for this world
perhaps in the next
ill see you on whatever plane we end up happening to catch
Track Name: Dressed to Kill
Rain steady
but the fans stayed ready
unfazed by delays for the band's great heading
Globally known
if theres only one thing
more beautiful than her it's her voice when she sings

Wait extended longer than her average set
A knock on the green room door unhappily met
Her manager let her sneak out back for a smoke
against strict orders
now she ghost
crowd can go home.

Newspapers were on the scene before the PD
with detectives muttering 'whataday/whataweek'
had a backstage pass
you could say that I'm hooked
only thing I'm saying now is that the game is afoot

In my head
Her melody drifts on
already weaving her capture in a song
and when it came to the part bout her current whereabouts
she was like
"don't wanna wear it out
you can't hear it now"

You got the hotness
- Through the shadows -
To keep the plot rich
- Down backroads -
No problems
Yall see the optics
- sound of still -

While on the subject
- in the whispers -
Spilled silhouettes
-Signed pictures
detectives cigarettes
real intense grill
didn't even know her album name:
- Dressed to kill -

Doorbell alarm clock
police pride stuck
Outside: The trail was the only thing that dried up
I Grabbed my Stetson, pistol, and keys
not before phoning my rotund assistant to meet

You know the script:
they didn't notice this
Chauvinistic Chief go ballistic
over most his district
motive slipped
Force bloated with the idiotas
My thoughts loaded
as we walk amongst the city goers

9-Gather clues while the rest think Im pacing
abruptly Arrange for a cab back to the station
a furious recap of function and feel
my deductions revealed
bust it up to the field

Go it alone and rescue the dame in a flash
of course its all a big ruse to have me wade in their path
certain for the art
i'll play the part willin
in this business you're gonna meet your share of arch-villains
Track Name: Outside
- Meet Me Outside -
- Meet Me Outside In the Road -

Well I got no credit and I got no dough
Noesis gold standard based solely on flows
I rolled up
To the show with the vodeodo
The rhyme folio closed design
nobody knows
its fine.

It was the coldest of colds
and I'm
frozen through the opening ode
trying to cope with the jones inside
Not the swaggering dope
more like
dagger and cloak
up and at 'em and smoke
if a road i find.

You materialized at nine local time
put the circle round you like the kosher sign
if its all parve
catch em' off guard
gonna bob marl
spark on the job
lawd lawd

Back to the bar
blessed for my friends and my enemies
no stress
tesla on the set with the energy
thats how i let it be
count it down to get at ease
later for nostalgia
now we paint the melody

- And to set it free -
- You must loose control -
- Take my move and save me -
- Meet me in the road -

- Meet me outside -
- Meet me outside in the road -

Well I got no bearing
and I got no sense
I still believe emcees should rep in the flesh
with a desk sequestered headset check hello
im outside wreckin) the worlds tiniest cello

Acapello rocking to the chopping of your aquifer
and bopping to the rhythm of you hopping on whats popular
gimme gimme is the doctrine thats adopted us
why i need the sticky like the topping on your baclava

Not superstitious with the way I pass
Crews ain't fit to grip the eucalyptus faking raps

though it suit the prisons
It ain't too pernicious:
proven by the new decisions
paper motivate em fast

Not a savior or the basis for acquaintance
too old for flaunting it in faces or on stages
But lay an invitation and I'll gladly oblige
the basement or
the whip or you could meet me outside
Track Name: Time Lapse
Italicized raps.
neither you nor your hype man's alibi match.

Hit ya:
Road Rash
talent lies smashed
No will to empower
or galvanize tracks

see me break it down
to facts in time-lapse

It was written:
That dope emcees inherit
so put on the safety
empty your lyrics

You can
huff and puff witcha lazy deploy
when we cut
leave you in the dust:
Shady McCoy

no debate in the radius I radiate raw

It is all clear from mountain tops
you have lost years like Raskalnikov
The unfinished-dog-eared-bounded-gloss
While I'm searching for the perfect album albatross

Hourly shred cowards like sauerkraut

Staff full of y'all acting the pop star
mass appeal lackin'
back to the oddballs
On battlefields I'm Patton,
you Patton Oswalt
Jack Nicholson laughing, cracked, and knocked off

Shout out the front row
front row

and yes the haters who won't come close
come close

up in they brains it be like uh oh
uh oh

this cat can really spit he not messing around
got an obsession with sound

need your utmost

when we repping
lush notes
lush notes

whether the vapor or the
blunt smoke
blunt smoke

alert the public cause
martina on the up and up
while most are just a bunch of stuff

let me make the lesson clear
stroking my professor beard
i don't segregate between the new and yester-years
let me teach the lesson right
give my very best advice
your defeat is for
the next generation's destined life

Staff full of y'all acting the pop star
mass appeal lackin'
back to the oddballs
On battlefields I'm Patton,
you Patton Oswalt
Jack Nicholson laughing, cracked, and knocked off
Track Name: Unseen
Twelve twenty at night
Sing this song
Sing it bright
And if it doesn’t change
Mocking bird
Say the name
Fry it up and serve it hot
Find out that its overwrought
What Peace will we find?

I know we need somebody
But we wont break free
Start something to end nothing
Truth is it’s unseen
Trying to please another
But they aint listening
Wash your hands of the trouble
That’s not my meaning

twenty four years ago
born a fool
now you know
so here we are tonight
fool again
it aint right

fry it up and serve it hot
find out that its never wrought
what peace will we find?

I know we need somebody
But we wont break free
Start something to end nothing
Truth is it’s unseen
Trying to please another
But they aint listening
Wash your hands of the trouble
That’s not my meaning
Track Name: Dreamland Within a Dream
Ayo lemme show you where the action is
a place you gotta visit if you haven't been
My tracks get stacked on elaborate paths
never mapped on the graph for the average jim

As if it mattered
frame it
black border
Second act
never lack aura
emerge not a tad shorter
evac orders
rap like cat naps in my back quarters

Poured tales like porter labeled loose
teach once preached they predict deja vu
if ya able fools
can separate the two
nothing ever gon stop you in a day or few

not sure about that
but its a nice
piece of superstitious love in my life
in the crowd looking up at me write
lights dim then suddenly bright
but still muddy like cupping the mic

Take this rhyme upon thy brow
breadcrumb up and down the aisles
and in parting from you now
Thus such much let me avow:

You are not wrong, if you deem
That my days have been a dream
Yet if hope has flown away
in a night, or in a day

In a vision, or in none
Once I drift, what has become
Of those stages stocked with drums
Remain chopped
or dropped n done

And when each grain is ground clean
into a finer piece of wean
All that we might see or seem
is but a dream within a dream

On a route obscure and lonely
Haunted by ill angels only
Into a wild clime sublime
out of space - out of time

My man had it right -
any damn random night
shoreless seas
coarse degrees by candlelight
In the amber glow
what I cannot know
face phantom foe
base: standard fright

Each lane slips
beach-stained ships
burned what we sail:
keep brains lit
What a bright price for the icing
sightsee your life past the hoods that are dicey

if the money is due
for the sample
then the Almighty handles it too
and it might be best if nobody knows
for the deep beat thieves and the poets of prose
Track Name: Potato Salad
Daily mission for the sweet sugar soda pop
swingaroo-quickies over shoulder drop
out the dirt
what a mighty fine sunny one
candy shoppe swing
sour gummies fun
bubble gum

At the door, gents with their sweetie pies
Staring on father's beady eyes seem surprised
To the Field
laying out the red and white
checkered double decker swine swiss on the set tonight

Past the archie comics in the blades of grass
Antannea twitching - heads up data map
beacon by the snuggled lovers as they take a nap
what kids did before popping in the betamax

Young naive theres no sado masch
conga cable to the makeshift tablemat
not looking for the carrots or the raisin packs
heading for the bowl with the sweet sweet potato mash

Let's see.
Red, purple or the fingerlings?
Leave the russets for crinkle cutter single zings
no fussin'
no mussin from the wifey
on the windowsill I'm hype checking out what she's been dicing

Squeeze of lemon
little dill
mustard marinade
I'm back
salivating once she starting frying up the bacon fat
Coat the taters
throw in onion and the salt-n-pep
an astonishing amount of sugar
plus the vinaigrette

In the fridgidare
sealed the tupper
it's back to the lab to tell my brothers
and sisters
It's business
so we do the march
by the time we get there the whole fam is living large

Paper plates piled high so resplendent
in one hand
in the other,
icy cold refreshments
For them just another day for them
for us it was our Alamo
so they didn't notice when we climbed inside the salad bowl
Track Name: A Fortunate Mess
A tale of two brothers and their plodding/plotting careers
One Business
One Distant
Haven't written in years
One day
The young wanderer, while walking with breath
Came across what he deemed
a fine place for some rest.

There were
Lush Trees
The Greenest of Greens
Red fruit cut open with the gleamingest seeds
and he brought back a few to his humble abode
only to return daily to the Pomegranate Grove

One night
after tending his garden with hope
he arrived home to find a messenger with a note
A Strange Visitor
Black hat
Block coat
A letter from his black nap sack latch ope

It read:
Young Brother,
Not to spoil two deaths
I have un-mortgaged an orchard
and rid it of pests

This whole apple fortune
is a fortunate mess
I'll make my way to you
please respond with address

Now listen up kids cause this aint in the text
No amount of reading' gonna make you a chef
With every recipe a story is told
From the toughest uproot to the portable home

So when the day ends
you can rest at the rest
with an old school butcher chart poster for jest

Just to
Break it down
Bring you up and then back
For your succulent tooth and lavish luxury acts

2 -
Two months pass
Summer temp artifice
chilly nights
early morning
digest autumn crisp

You could hear a pin drop
till the clip clops
"Hello Brother"
"That a girl"
Slip knot

They embraced
they ate
then strolled
to the place where the round ruby reds were grown
When the exotic jewels hit the elders' lips
the product lives:
see the businessman inside him twitch

Young Brother,
I have learned that an apple's a Cent,
It's tree: a mere machine, and It's Orchard: the mint
But your crop is like none other I've yet seen
lend me a bushel basket in the morn for my leave

They returned
fell asleep and grew dreams
the boilingest hot water
the calmest cool streams
the powerful wind that pounded approval to preen
The younger brother awoke
the older was not seen

Ran out his manor in a huff
with gun
with lantern
illuminating the dusk
At five hundred feet he smelled the smoke pass
fell to the ground
hands filled with ash

So, back to his house at a crawl
no horse tied up
no letter was scrawled
Straw by straw he disassembled his home
to the sweet smell of the burning pomegranate grove.
Track Name: Inhale
Truth to reveal
Hidden Everywhere
Onward Soldiers March
Of the Years
Searching ourselves
To Rise

Cravings and patience and nascent nations need savings for days

Too fresh for the freezer
Cold rep - Ebenezer
All up in your the speaker
Paper chasing and dating the carbon's latent pay
Too phat for the cat-scan
Serve words backhand straight all up on your rap band
Maybe make it but maybe it made you make a change
Too fast for the coyote
Let prime coat dry then I paint a little rhyme flow
Acres of sages for ages then done waste away
Too true for the boolean
prove scheme emphatic
you panic like blue screens

Deep breaths what I need for me
Deep breaths what I need from you
Dealing with the mess
feeling in the flesh
reeling in the depths
that what we do.

Deep breaths what I need for you
Deep breaths what I need from me
Take a little guess
whenever they'll invent
a regular-express for a human being

Tell forgotten tales
Pausing for exhale
To see that which feels
Does Not Shake You
Hear it, it's real

Breathe it in
Breathe it out
Heartbeat in
Live it inside out
Track Name: Bedtime for Bonzo
Bedtime for Bonzo
Meds lined in combo
pulled the blanket over:
Jets, Lions, and Broncos
Proudly from the pocket - its the cookie jar bounty
Num Num disregard
chocolate rookie card scouting

Smeared across american legion stats
mandatory reading from under the name of sanders

Wanna be a Tigger but really more of a piglet
Out for the sugar not feeling the golden ticket

In the transformer tape player stories had lapsed
the nightlight light faded outward to black
I cowered noticed the closet was open a crack
I was certain I had closed it so I know it's a trap

Got goose-bump prick-ely
the rickety floor and drafty window supplied the whistling score
little league lumber,
in the bunker i hunkered
wishing I was just a-sleeping slumbered under the covers

Door swung open
dropped the bat-
no Connie Mack
do you copy that?
won't be in a body bag
skated like a hockey match
downstairs sloppy grabbed keys off the hook
door slam up in the pontiac

Morning spent disarming booby trapped treats
dad found me sound asleep in the backseat

started building right when i woke
among materials:
wood, metal, bicycle spokes

Past breakfast, past lunch
hammered away
With mother wondering about the damage to date
Psych bills never shrunk
White pills weathered slumps
Young Zach is too bright for life's ill severed dumps

The sunset
right before dinner I finished
three horrific widgets with thickets; blades that could pivot
one in the closet
inside the mattress
in my dresser drawer next to my pajamas

Man was supper looking like it still coulda moved
i brushed vigorously after I was excused
the evening's reading was light
a kissed cheek to the tyke
closed my eyes and waited for the deep of the night

Again through the closet door
boxed with the shocking claws
Tripped over a tonka toy
clocked my concoction raw
I won't stop to pause
with the goblin gore
dragged the monster out
n left it on my poppa's floor
Track Name: Warning Sound
In the night
Seek such a way
Deliver in flight

Mercy, is this your share?

Rise up to your feet
Fall to your knees
Yours to redeem
In everything 
Return again
Forever sweet
Take hold my dear
Walk to the edge
Fears they are free
I give to you
This melody
My soul to keep

Hold your tongue
Your warning sound
Has not yet begun

Hush now, for this is true.

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